Our Services


Multicolour provides supreme quality paper products that speak for you in the market and transcend your product into a brand known all over for its style and unique features. In-housed with a printing press to cater to all your printing needs with finesse, we make it our goal to product things that solve their purpose and look extremely good simultaneously.
Whether printing flyers, brochures, catalogues, banners, posters, standees or visiting cards, business books, invitation cards or some other correspondence we always make it a point to design and print high class products that are at par with the best in the world.
Our Design team comes up with the most amazing ideas that cannot be conceived by anyone and styles of execution that are not only new but truly evolved in their own sense. Using them in a manner that forces someone to stop and think about the message that has just been delivered to them is our forte.
We serve interesting ideas on a platter and leave the option of savoring it to the audience. At times the brand fails to deliver the message to the mark and ends up saying only half the thing. This can be termed as miscommunication or communication gap between the brand and its audience and can only be rectified by adjusting the message or its execution to suit the audience’s tastes.

Logo Design

Our design team has provided many brands their corporate identities, their logos and helped them fare better in the industry. We have created logos that have proudly become the face of a brand and done well to increase the business of the company and boost the sales.

Brochures Design

Brochures are an excellent tool for divulging information and giving out the necessary details about a brand and its products. It serves as an idea that is multifaceted. It provides the necessary information for settling the curious beings and more detailed information to those who are actually interested in the product. Schools, colleges and institutions hand these out to parents and children in huge lots and in some places a prospectus is not used, there is an increased need for a brochure in those areas.

Catalogues Design

Catalogues look good and attract the viewer easily. Usually the pictures are presented in such a manner that it grabs all the attention and people forget to read the text. Catalogues feature large images that capture the viewer’s eye and hold it for a longer interval. They solve the purpose in a better way as they are more compact and can easily be taken to a prospective client or distributed among the interested buyers. They can also be kept at the sales counter to be shown to the buyers, that is how they get to select a product suiting their taste from a range of other products.

Stationary Design

We design and print all kinds of office and school stationary such as letterheads, business cards and invitation cards for formal get-togethers, envelopes, notepads, diaries and many more products. We design customized stationary as per the need and requirement of a specific client keeping in mind the purpose it is going to solve in the future. We have designed supreme quality office and school stationary in the past and we wish to continue doing so.

Designing Services

Our Design team believes in being unconventional and breaking all the norms to create something unique. To achieve the unachievable we need to relate to the works of geniuses and think out of the box. Our work is backed by the belief that we need to act simple but think great. Our team is completely dedicated to the cause of creativity which helps them to churn out newer and better ideas.
Our workforce bonds well and gel with each other to derive inspirations and infuse positivity into the environment. We stress on the need for a healthy environment that fosters growth and development and helps build longer-lasting relationships.
We institute designs that force you to stop and think. We can build opinions and change them another instant. We try to create a setting that is vital for the success of an advertisement. Keeping in mind the various elements necessary for an intelligent advertisement we provide you designs that are remarkable and help you lead.
We design all kinds of marketing tools from Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Catalogues to Pamphlets, Posters, Banners, Standees and all kinds of office and school stationary from Letterheads, Business cards, Invitation cards to Business books, Calendars and much more.

Commercial Photography

Our photographers deal with the shoot aspect of a print advertisement and make sure that every image looks perfect from all aspects and lures the audience towards them. In order to convince the audience to feel positive about the brand and generate curiosity about the products it is essential to create the right kind of environment so the audience feels good.
A photographer’s insight in the concept lends life to dull faces and transforms the visual into a successful advertisement. We blend all elements carefully with each other to create masterpieces that transform the way people think and act. Each one of our project relies on a photo shoot gone big. We lay emphasis on the way a product is being presented to the audience.
A Camera is an extension of the eye. A photographer should be able to perceive things from a different point of view and come up with excellent ideas of executing it. As much as the idea is crucial to the campaign, its execution is equally crucial to the brand. An excellent idea if executed in a bad way can make it insipid or dull and kill the brand’s chances of doing well consistently.